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Are your computers costing you more than you realise?IT Computer Support is core to keeping your systems running smoothly and efficiently. Speak to us for 1st class IT Computer Support. How much budget do you put aside for yout IT Computer Support? Our prices are based upon the number of users  supportted per calendar month so you can save! IT Computer Support also provides prices on hourly terms. Many companies are projecting that the amount of time lost to bad internet  connectivity and lack of IT Computer Support could be as much as 20% of staff costs. Make sure your  staff are able to work 100% of their time - get your IT suppor t in contract with us! IT Computer support is not just problem fixing. It is a helping hand in making the most of your IT suppport and computing capabilities. Get on board with and see your business increase its efficiency and effectiveness! IT Computer Support is a partner of many local businesses. Have your IT Computer Support made more effective by hosting your computer system with us. We can look after your whole operation  within our secure cloud network so that your IT Computer Support is always taken care of! [ Log In ] to see your services.

IT Computer Support for your Computer System

Get the best IT Computer Support for business in the Berkshire, Oxfordshire and West London Areas...
IT Computer Support  customers rely upon us to keep systems running well  and to provide this support  we use many different types of technology to insure that your systems run smoothly and efficiently. We coordinate these different technologies together seamlessly to improve your user experience and enable many different tasks to be carried out simultaneously and improve staff effectiveness. IT computer support is our business and we are serious about improving support to our customers..

We make use of cloud technology for in out IT computer support packages for certain tasks and we install equipment at customers’ offices for others. Our belief is that to get the best IT computer support  for a customer, it is necessary to pick and choose from all of the IT computer support technologies available.  Cloud services allow us to improve your IT Computer Support because your systems are hosted at our premises which means that your IT Computer Support response times are never suspended whilst we incur travel delays and so we can administer IT Computer Support to your problems instantly.

Out IT Computer Support staff are experienced at dealing with business IT computer support issues and SME business environments. Your computer system will be tweaked by us so that your IT Computer Support becomes optimised to fit your business processes and your  IT systems configuration enables our IT Computer Support staff to act fast and restore services quickly. We also aim to keep your systems up to date and provide you with IT Computer Support based on the latest techniques allowing us to cut your IT support costs and deliver market leading computer support at less cost to you.

Our model for small to medium business IT computer support is based on a few simple ideologies:

  • Small to medium business no longer need to keep their own email server - it is a waste of IT support and computer support resources and is too fragile to be left in the hands of un-trained staff. The solution is to use an email account on one of the sircles cloud email servers so that it is kept safe, cool and is under the watchful eye of trained IT computer support professionals constantly. A cloud email server works on the same basis as your own email server and allows sharing of calendars, contacts and public folders just as if it were your own email server.

  • Local fileservers or NASs (Network Attached Storage) are all that is required for small to medium business to keep files and documents in the office. These NASs require a couple of USB disks for backup which are switched over daily in case of loss or damage so that IT support can restore computer data if required. The USB disk should be taken offsite when not being used.

  • Accounting and finance software data should be stored on the NAS or fileserver for safety and security which can be organised by IT computer support or your accounting software provider.

  • Dedicated fibre internet should be installed at office premises to allow for cost saving through homeworking and SoHO actvities. (SoHO - Small or Home Office) This allows home users to access their office documents easily when not in the office. IT computer support provide dedicated fibre internet in the Berkshire and Oxfordshire areas as well as ADSL FTTC and VDSL connections. Dedicated fibre internet pays for itself quickly in both time saved in the office with better internet operation and by reducing costs of IT support and increasing computer reliability.

  • IT support and computer systems support allow all of the above services to be integrated into an easy to use and secure model for your businesses IT support and network security.

  • Your computers and network should be secured using a firewall device to protect the internet gateway and antivirus software to protect your PCs and Server.

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